The Unheard Of

by Worthiest Sons

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The Unheard Of

In these days everything is the same, you don’t fucking impress me
Strip away all the phony clichés, you’re left with nothing, but a bogus charade, you’re just frontin’

You could front all you want… you hold nothing above me
People just wanna pretend, they wanna fit in, but ain’t “wise to da game”, they just love the attention

Overthrow the underground, sound off!
A brazen, bellowing sound - the unheard of - X4

Pass me the next one, yeah if you recall, I’m not your stepping stone first learn to crawl
You’re drying up on the floor, another raisin in the sun, you could never afford determination

Soy un embajador! MHC! Militant hardcore, let me give you a taste
Dabble a little bit of what I spit on everything, makes you wanna think about a whole new regimen

Overthrow the underground, sound off!
A brazen, bellowing sound - the unheard of - X4

It’s about digging deep
Finding new levels of consciousness
We gotta break this…

Culture of Silence!

Through these hands alone you ain’t fucking wit’ mine, better count your bars before you reach for mine
Now observe, what you ain’t never heard, a young blood with a very old proverb
So speak if it’s all worth, selling your words, your best verse on a mothafucking t-shirt
Now is that really love or just the opposite? Don’t get involved if you’ fucking wit’ my money mang


The Unheard Of! X2


released December 24, 2014
Engineered and Mixed by Taylor Young at The Pit Recording Studio in Van Nuys, CA (

Mastered by Brad Boatright at Audiosiege in Portland, OR (

Performed by the Worthiest Sons
All Music by the Worthiest Sons
All Lyrics by Jaime Alonso De La Mora
Artwork by Huitzilin

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Worthiest Sons Los Angeles, California

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